There’s no doubt that security is high on the agenda for businesses across the North West, as it is everywhere else in the country. Introducing CCTV on your premises has a wide range of benefits while helping to protect your business and reputation. The advanced systems available nowadays can not only keep you safer but can also allow you to monitor staff, particularly on large premises such as warehouses and factory floors.

Sending a Message

First and foremost, having CCTV on show sends a clear message to any potential burglars who might be eyeing up your property. It says you take security seriously and you have invested your time and money in it. Thieves are far more likely to go for a property that has outdated or even no CCTV in operation – there’s less risk and they have more chance of breaking in. Much of the evidence shows that where CCTV is in place, crime rates are lower.

Accurate Records

Cameras don’t lie. That’s a basic benefit that many businesses forget about. If you’ve recorded a crime or illegal behaviour being committed, then it’s there for all, including the police, to see. The standard of CCTV cameras today means that you can get very sharp digital images that can assist in prosecution if someone does commit a crime on or around your property.

CCTV is Permanent

While there may be an initial cost for installing CCTV you get value for money. It doesn’t take holidays and it’s on all the time. That means you have the security you need watching your property 24/7 without having to lift a finger. It also means you don’t have to worry about your property as much when you close up for the weekend. Many hi-tech systems nowadays can be connected to your smartphone and even send you alerts when there is a problem.

Reducing Insurance Premiums

Most businesses have to watch their costs and maintain a good cash flow to operate effectively. Installing CCTV can not only reduce the impact of visitor or staff fraud and theft, it can also dramatically reduce the amount you pay for insurance.

Protecting Staff

Many shops will be aware that the number of incidents of confrontation on premises and the danger staff can be put in is on the increase. By installing CCTV on the shop floor, or anywhere that deals with the public, you can reduce the chances of incidents occurring and get a clear record of what has happened if, unfortunately, something does.

At North West Security Solutions we realise the benefit of installing CCTV for business. It’s not a complete cure-all but it does reduce your likelihood of being a victim of crime and allows you to monitor your premises with high quality images. Installation is not as complicated as you may think, nor as costly. If you consider how much it can save you in the long term, it’s a small investment to make. Adding CCTV to your security can also, of course, reduce your insurance premiums. For a no obligation quote or to have any of your questions answered please call us on