Finding a good commercial locksmith service in your local area you can really trust is important. Getting locked out of your business is no laughing matter, it can certainly be very frustrating and cost you money into the bargain. It may not happen regularly but when it does you want a quick solution.

You can get locked out of your business for a variety of reasons. You might simply have lost your keys, of course. The lock or key could break or you may have been the unfortunate victim of a burglary which means you want to change the locks but also get a repair to your door.

At NW Security Solutions, we provide a range of commercial locksmith services that ensure you get back into your property as soon as possible. We know how vital it is to get that specialist expertise, right when you need it. Nowhere is this more important than when it concerns your office or commercial property security.

Our services include everything from simply getting you back into your property to repairing automatic door systems. As a small, friendly, family owned business, our aim is to offer you the personal locksmith service that you can count on when you most need it.

Lost Keys

There’s nothing more infuriating than losing your keys. Getting entrance to your property when this happens can be a choice between getting on with your work and causing costly damage that gets you inside. Give us a call at NW Security Solutions and most times we’ll be able to get you access without damaging the lock at all. That means you can get on with business and give yourself more time to find those keys.

Fitting and Repairing Locks and Chains

Of course, locks can get damaged for numerous reasons. They may be old and have become degraded. You might be unlucky enough to suffer with a key breaking in the lock. Whatever the reason, we can be on site quickly, repairing your lock or installing a high-quality replacement which meets the latest EU standards for security.

Entry Access and Door Repair

Getting into a property you own for whatever reason requires specialist expertise – someone who knows what they are doing and can gain entry whilst doing the minimal amount of damage. You may have been the victim of a break which has damaged the lock or the actual door could need replacing or repairing.

At NW Security Solutions, we make sure that you get quick access so that you can get on with your work. We also carry out door repairs that mean you don’t have to worry about your security once you close for the day. That includes automatic door repair as well.

Having issues with your locks and access to your property are some of the most common problems that businesses have. The good news is that we don’t charge a call out fee and we’re fully insured to carry out the work we undertake. And we don’t charge if we can’t fix your problem.

If you want a personal and experienced emergency locksmith service that is available 24/7, then 0800 634 9163 is the number to call.