We’re a family owned business that operates in and around Ormskirk, providing a high-quality locksmith service. If you’ve suffered a break in, need your locks changing or have found yourself locked out of your car, we’re on hand to give all the help you need, right now.

Ormskirk is one of the oldest market towns in West Lancashire and a popular place for people to live. As you can imagine, it’s got plenty of history such as the distinctive Ormskirk Parish Church and Victoria Park just off Knowsley Road. It’s the kind of place where you’re always sure of a warm welcome and there’s plenty of community spirit.

If you live in Ormskirk and need a locksmith, you’ll probably be looking for someone local who knows the area. Most people only require the services of a locksmith once or maybe twice in their lives, and that’s usually when there’s an emergency. It’s good to know who to call if you suddenly need our services.

NW Security Solutions provide a range of locksmith services across the region including Ormskirk. That covers four main areas:

  • Domestic locksmith services: If your home has been broken into, you’ve lost your keys or just need a higher level of security, we can be on site in next to no time, solving your problem. Our main office is in the heart of Ormskirk so it shouldn’t take us long to get there. You’ll get impartial advice and a speedy service. There are no fees for a call out and we don’t charge if we can’t fix the problem.
  • Commercial locksmith services: If you’re a business in Ormskirk, we’re on hand to help with all your security needs. That not only means responding to emergencies but giving your company sound advice for keeping your property secure.
  • Vehicle locksmith: There’s nothing more frustrating than when you lock yourself out of your car or lose your keys. We can gain entry in a non-destructive manner which means you don’t end up with additional repair charges. We specialise in all makes and models of car and we can be with you in a short while after your call.
  • CCTV Installation: If you want to protect your home or business, installing a quality CCTV system can make a big difference. We can help you put in a new system or replace an old one so that your property is better protected. We can also arrange repair of existing systems as well as giving a lot of advice on systems and the best solutions for your needs.

Living and working in Ormskirk means that we have a close affinity with the region. Providing an outstanding locksmith service for the area is certainly high on our agenda. As a family owned business that has a strong connection to Ormskirk, we feel that we’re the kind of company our customers value.

You may not need us right now but make sure you keep our number on your smart phone – the name is NW Security Solutions and you can contact us on 0800 634 9163 right now.