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Welcome to NW Security Solutions!

My name is Neil Williams, I started this business along with my wife Kelly in May 2015. We understand that clients place a lot of trust in their locksmith so we thought we would let you know a bit more about us!

It all began many moons ago when my Dad was made redundant from Liverpool Docks and like the ‘Great’ Government policy at the time, the northerner ‘got on his bike’ seeking work, which led to my family relocating to the Sunny south.

After completing my education, I ironically ended up working for the very government that contributed to the family disruption mentioned earlier! After being moved around from pillar to post for the benefit of various departments, I was offered a post back in the North West in 2009…which I accepted because I had sadly already missed out on my first daughter’s toddler years due to working away from home a lot.

I worked within various departments for the government for 28 years which included the Last 10 advising in the field of security and surveillance. In 2014 the opportunity arose for voluntary redundancies within our department.

I decided that after a lot of careful consideration, and over 28 years of service, I would volunteer for redundancy. I would spend more time with my wife, two young daughters and my two ageing dogs and of course using my season ticket for the match more often!

So in May 2015, my wife Kelly and I set up our own Business ‘NW Security Solutions’.

Over the years I have heard many horror stories about the legitimacy of Locksmiths and ‘Security Specialists’ Not only in my line of work, but also friends and family have regaled tales of being charged huge amounts for minor fixes/lock changes/car openings etc.

I decided with my experience and credibility I could make a real difference to people who, let’s face it when locked out of their home or vehicle are at their most vulnerable. NW Security Solutions is a family run business based on the border of Lancashire and Merseyside meaning we serve both counties (and beyond).

Since 2015 the company has grown and our team now offer a number of services to commercial clients including CCTV installation, hardware scheduling and security assessments across the North West.

We pride ourselves on being a trustworthy, reliable, friendly small business, who can offer excellent, prompt, professional services at highly competitive prices.

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