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Hardware Scheduling

We provide a first class hardware scheduling service for architects and builders that can offer peace of mind in knowing that you will have the right products for a project to be completed successfully.

NW Security Solutions is run by Neil Williams who has significant experience within this field. The hardware scheduling service we provide not only covers the obvious, our knowledge and experience allows us to go into real detail taking aspects such as security and fire safety into account.

If you are buying new doors and having them installed, you might not think too closely about the hardware schedule. A door is a door, right? Not the case, do you require a fire door installation, a panic bar installed or something specific to meet the needs of your building and business? If you want the best safety and security your money can buy, the hardware schedule is quite important. It basically covers everything that’s installed within your building.

It helps to have someone independent who knows what they’re doing, someone who can check over and make sure that the installations and components are going to keep you as secure and ensure that your building will meet all the necessary regulations.

Specifications for doors alone normally reveal a lot of components that need to be taken into consideration. There’s the initial frame that you’re going to place it into, the door design itself, whether it contains glass or is a solid design, the hinges and, perhaps most importantly, how the locking mechanism works. All these different components usually add together to produce a door that is either fit for purpose or could do with some improvements. It might simply be a cylinder lock that isn’t quite up to spec or you could get greater security by having multiple locking points. Choosing one mechanism over another could increase not only your security but the longevity of your door.

As you might expect, getting good advice is vital. At NW Security Solutions, we can provide all the advice and guidance you need to make sure you get the right installations for your property. We also work with existing manufacturers and installers to help them deliver what their customers need via specialist hardware scheduling advice.

If you’re a business owner in the North West, then you’ll want to make sure that your security is up to date. You might have an electronic system that needs updating or a reinforced door that now requires replacing. We can ensure you understand how to get the best in security at a cost that suits your budget, with all the advice you need to get an informed decision.

For home owners, it’s easy to take your supplier’s information at face value but it always helps to get a second opinion about whether your door is really fit for purpose. It might just be that the cylinder lock needs replacing for a more secure fitting and the rest of the door is perfectly safe. At NW Security Solutions, we’ll be able to give you the impartial advice you need.

As a family owned locksmith service in the north west, we’re committed to providing our customers with all the information and advice they need to make better security decisions. We can look at your existing doors, windows and CCTV to make sure that they are currently fit for purpose and offer advice on how to make your location more secure.

We’re also on hand if you have a lock problem – if you’ve had a break in and need repairs, locked yourself out of your car and need to get back in or want to install a specialist CCTV system. We’re local to Ormskirk and available for emergency 24/7 call outs if needed.

If you want a friendly, no-nonsense locksmith service that works for you, contact us today on 0800 634 9163.


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