Commercial Locksmith

N.W. Security Solutions offer a full commercial locksmith service. Whether you are locked out of your business premises or it has been the victim of criminal activity, we can help.

We will make sure that we get you back into the business premises as soon as possible. The majority of the time we will be able to do this without causing any damage to the lock which will significantly reduce your costs. Should you need a new set of keys for your premises then we will do this straight away.

In addition to our normal Commercial Locksmith services we can install security systems including CCTV security and state-of-the-art alarm systems

Our experienced, professional locksmiths will cause minimum distruption to your business premises and have things back to normal as quickly as possible.

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    Services include

    1. 1. Lost Keys/Chain Locks
    2. 2. Fitting & Repair Of Chain Locks
    3. 3. Entry Access
    4. 4. Door Repair
    5. 5. Automatic Door Repair