We all want to stay safe at home. Undertaking a home security assessment can quickly highlight areas where you can improve your property and ensure that you reduce the possibility of being burgled or the victim of other crimes.

At NW Security, we have several years of experience in providing home owners and businesses around the North West with the advice they need to improve their overall safety.

The Benefits of a Home Security Assessment

Whether you live in a vulnerable area or feel completely at ease in your own neighbourhood, it always pays to take your personal security seriously. The good news is that crime levels have been falling in recent years – the bad news is that there are still plenty of people out there who want to break into properties and steal things.

During a home security assessment, we’ll visit your property and outline what we think are the best ways to improve your safety. That may be options such as clearing space in your back yard so that you have a better view or don’t provide cover, perhaps making a wall less easy for someone to get over or putting in new, highly secure doors and windows.

There may be other things that you can use such as CCTV to send a clear message to any potential burglars that they are being watched. We can also give advice on smaller measures such as property identification and tagging or how not to display your most expensive items such as TVs and computers in the window.

The truth is that burglars generally don’t want to put themselves at risk. They tend to look for places where they can get in and out with ease – the longer they need to spend working on a door lock or opening a window, the more likely they are to be noticed and caught. You may have areas of your home such as the front door which are reasonably secure but haven’t noticed weak points such as a set of old patio doors at the back that can be more easily accessed.

The other part of any assessment, unfortunately, is to look at the area you live in. Some homes are more vulnerable than others simply because they are in a high-risk area. Increasing options like lighting can make a difference, particularly if you park your car outside.

NW Security Solutions is a family owned firm that specialises in locksmith services and security products such as CCTV. While a big part of our service is responding to sudden problems such as a broken door lock or lost car keys, we also believe that giving good, sound security advice to people is just as important. Our home assessment can highlight all the area where you can improve your security and reduce the risk of being burgled.

We operate across the North West, including Liverpool, Southport, Ormskirk, St Helens and Skelmersdale. If you would like to take a closer look at your home security and find out what improvements you can make, contact us today to arrange an appointment.