Anyone can get locked out of their car or van. It can obviously be a huge inconvenience, particularly if you are a trades person and you’re on a job or need to get to one urgently. You could be losing money if you can’t get in your van and get on with your work on time.

At NW Security, we can help with the full range of problems that can occur with van and car locks. You’ll also be glad to know that, in most cases, we can gain entry to your vehicle without being destructive, all of which means you don’t have any additional costs for repair to the damage caused. We cover large parts of the Merseyside and Lancashire area including Ormskirk, Liverpool, Preston and Southport and provide a 24/7 service that is highly responsive. So, if you’ve been called out late at night to fix something for a customer and suddenly find yourself locked out of your van, we can be there in next to no time.

We’re a family owned business who know a lot about locks of all types. We’ve mended doors and windows all around the North West and we’ve helped many a motorist or van driver who has got locked out of their vehicle. We also help businesses in the area beef up their security and have worked with a wide range of commercial and domestic clients.

Let’s say you get up in the morning to go on a job and you suddenly realise you locked your keys in the van the night before. You don’t have a spare indoors that you can use and time is getting short. You could end up losing your next job because you can’t get yourself and all your gear there. You might have to phone and cancel till you can figure out how to get the keys out. That’s when you should give us a call at NW Security. We can be on site quickly and get you on the road in next to no time.

It can be difficult to find a locksmith service that you can trust and depend on. Having spent 10 years advising on security for various government departments, owner Neil Williams knows a thing or two about locks. With a growing team of specialist locksmiths who are highly trained, NW Security is now one of the leading services in the Lancashire and Merseyside area. Key to our success has been the credibility of our team and our ability to work quickly and solve customer problems in a friendly and no-nonsense way.

Getting locked out of your van is something most trades people don’t really think about. It’s only when disaster strikes you suddenly realise you haven’t got a locksmith’s number handy. You can contact us quickly on 0800 634 9163 and it’s worth putting the number in your smartphone so you aren’t caught off guard. You may never need NW Security, but if you ever do, you’ll have us right there on your phone.