After a local business suffered a break in which cost the owner thousands of pounds in damage and missing stock they decided it was time to bring in the experience and expertise of NW Security Solutions.

M&D Allyn based in Skelmersdale is a family business co-owned by Mark Trevarton which sells cleaning products and equipment. Unfortunately, in February 2017 they suffered a break in. The thieves rammed open the buildings security gates, stole two vans and thousands of pounds worth of stock as well as causing extensive damage within the building.

Thankfully for M&D Allyn they had previously been a client of NW Security Solutions. Before the break in we installed tracking devices on the companies vehicles, meaning that the vans were swiftly located after the break in. Our service didn’t end there, on the successful recovery of the company vans it was apparent that the thieves still potentially had in their possession the keys to both vehicles as they were not recovered. Our team deleted the old keys and reprogrammed new keys for the Renault Master vans. In addition to reprogramming the keys our company owner Neil Williams was able to install a new lock and ignition system rendering the old keys completely useless which provided M&D Allyn real peace of mind.

In March 2017 we installed sixteen CCTV cameras covering both the inside and outside of the building. The cameras are extremely high resolution, provide night vision and sense motion which then automatically takes and sends a picture screenshot via email. Our installation included the setup of mobile phone integration meaning the owners are able to check what is happening both inside and outside of their building night and day from anywhere in the world.


Finally, to ensure complete security and peace of mind we created a new and super secure setup for the storage of CCTV data.

If your business premises could benefit from CCTV installation or increased security please get in touch and a member of our friendly team will arrange a consultation. We are based in Ormskirk, Lancashire and work right across Lancashire and Merseyside. Call us on 0800 634 9163