One thing that all businesses, big and small, take very seriously is their own security. Your office contains a variety of equipment and stock that you don’t want to lose but, as a business owner, you also want to protect your staff while they are working on the premises.

Reviewing your security and making sure you have all the hardware in place that keeps everyone safe is important. Not only can it keep everyone secure, it can also help to lower your insurance costs because you are much less of a risk.

Checking Your Locks

The new range of British Standard locks are much more secure and have been tested to make sure they are suitable for business properties. If you are thinking of changing your locks in the near future, then the standard to look out for is BS 3621 which many security experts and the police recommend as a bare minimum. You might also like to look at the potential for installing digital locks and electrical entry systems that make sure you stay in control of access to your property.

An Effective Alarm System

All businesses should have a good quality alarm system that is fit for purpose. Many of the systems nowadays can connect to either the local police station or can be hooked up with your mobile device to send you a warning if your property is being broken into. Alarm systems also act as a deterrent, of course, and including effective lighting for the area around your premises can strengthen this.


If you just have an alarm system but want to pump up your security, installing CCTV is the next best option. The high-tech quality of security cameras nowadays means that you get HD images as well as a link up to your mobile phone so you can see what is happening while you are away. It’s a relatively cheap way to ensure the safety of your property when you consider the alternative. Most security experts now recommend CCTV because of the high quality systems that are available and which are relatively easy to install.

At NW Security, we not only offer a quick service if you have problems with your locks and doors but can install high-tech CCTV to bolster your protection. Combine this with state of the art alarm systems and it can greatly improve your overall security.

Have a Security Process

Another aspect that can improve safety in the office, and one which many forget, is the development of a sensible security process. If you have entry access, then making sure that your staff are aware and comfortable with using it and know what is expected of them is vital. Criminals are far less likely to target properties where the owners take their own security seriously and it’s something that business owners need to keep on top of.

If you are unsure whether you are protecting yourself properly, want to review your security, or simply need an expert to check over your locks and systems, at NW Security we can certainly help. We’re a family owned business operating in the North West and we offer a 24/7 call out for businesses in the region. Contact us today if you want to find out more.